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The Perfect Margarita?

So what makes a good margarita? Purists argue about everything, including the inclusion of the salt rime. For me I like one of two versions: Juice a lime, add a shot of reposado, either add a 1/3 shot of triple … Continue reading

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The Strawberry Daiquiri

It being that time of year, I made a genuine strawberry daiquiri. This isn’t the travesty you likely get in most bars. Like all good drinks it’s dead easy to make, taking about 3 minutes start to finish. The key … Continue reading

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Guacamole and Red Wine ?!?!??

So what do you drink with guacamole? This time of year the avocados are pouring into the stores. Who can resist them? And anyway, they’re good for you. The rich (i.e. fatty or oily) nature of the fruit overpowers just … Continue reading

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