The Christmas Passion Eggnog, all versions

As I said on the air today, if I die having achieved nothing more than this recipe, I die happy, knowing I helped. The original recipe A couple of great suggestions from callers The “Low Cal” and singeton version. Breaking news! I just worked out the calories for the original recipe, somewhere between 1500 –… Continue reading The Christmas Passion Eggnog, all versions

Bacardi MMXXII

Bacardi has just released MMXXII to celebrate 150 years of rum. It’s a blend of 20 year old rum finished in cognac casks. And of course it comes in a numbered decanter. 1000 were bottled but only 400 distributed outside the Family. The price? Well probably whatever your dealer wants to charge depending on how… Continue reading Bacardi MMXXII

Spicing it Up

I’m told the most popular drink of the moment is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. I’m not much impressed by this drink – an amber rum sweetened with a lot of vanilla. There are huge numbers of competitors leaping into the market including the Kraken pictured at right. (In the background you can see a new… Continue reading Spicing it Up

The Strawberry Daiquiri

It being that time of year, I made a genuine strawberry daiquiri. This isn’t the travesty you likely get in most bars. Like all good drinks it’s dead easy to make, taking about 3 minutes start to finish. The key of course is to use fresh ingredients, uncut by sulfites, sulfates, sugars and salt. I… Continue reading The Strawberry Daiquiri