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The Christmas Passion Eggnog, all versions

As I said on the air today, if I die having achieved nothing more than this recipe, I die happy, knowing I helped. The original recipe A couple of great suggestions from callers The “Low Cal” and singeton version. Breaking … Continue reading

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Bacardi MMXXII

Bacardi has just released MMXXII to celebrate 150 years of rum. It’s a blend of 20 year old rum finished in cognac casks. And of course it comes in a numbered decanter. 1000 were bottled but only 400 distributed outside … Continue reading

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Spicing it Up

I’m told the most popular drink of the moment is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. I’m not much impressed by this drink – an amber rum sweetened with a lot of vanilla. There are huge numbers of competitors leaping into the … Continue reading

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The Strawberry Daiquiri

It being that time of year, I made a genuine strawberry daiquiri. This isn’t the travesty you likely get in most bars. Like all good drinks it’s dead easy to make, taking about 3 minutes start to finish. The key … Continue reading

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