The Strawberry Daiquiri

All you really need
All you really need

It being that time of year, I made a genuine strawberry daiquiri. This isn’t the travesty you likely get in most bars. Like all good drinks it’s dead easy to make, taking about 3 minutes start to finish. The key of course is to use fresh ingredients, uncut by sulfites, sulfates, sugars and salt.

I used:
– the juice of a lime
– one ripe strawberry sliced 2 – 3 mm thick
– 1.5 oz rum
– 0.5 oz Grand Marnier (optional)
– simple syrup or sugar (optional)
– soda water (optional)

Juice the lime. Add the strawberry and rum. (and syrup or GM) and shake hard for maybe 50 shakes.

A really ripe strawberry will fall apart in the shaker. I don’t strain it, letting the flesh into the glass.

I do add soda water, about 1:1. I like the fizz and I like to slow my alk consumption – these just go down too fast. If the strawberry isn’t that sweet, I add the Grand Marnier, but sugar would work too.

I usually add a couple of cubes from the shaker to my glass, although it looks best without. Floating a very thin slice of orange on the top looks very nice.

The Result:

Lip smackin good!
Lip smackin' good!

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