The Perfect Margarita?

Margaritaville!So what makes a good margarita?

Purists argue about everything, including the inclusion of the salt rime.

For me I like one of two versions: Juice a lime, add a shot of reposado, either add a 1/3 shot of triple sec/cointreau/grand marnier OR twist a section of sweet orange into the drink. Shake over ice. Salt rime optional. (Sairey Gamp loves it, I’m indifferent.

Version 2 is more interesting: Juice a lime, twist in the juice from a section of grapefruit, add a shot of reposado. Shake over ice. No salt rime.

For some reason grapefruit and tequila are like Astaire and Rogers. Nothing works together that well, unless God intended.

Readily Available Reposados

I use kosher salt which is less attractive, but cuts the iodine flavour. Table salt works just fine, and I’d never send it back if you offered one to me.

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