White Wine Leftovers

Got a glass of white left over from last night? Here’s a quick and easy dinner, a staple from the Mediterranean.

– Brown boneless pork chops in olive oil (2-4)
– wipe out pan
– add oil & heat pan
– dissolve an anchovie filled in the oil or use anchovy paste and stir, about 1 tablespoon
– add a half cup crushed drained canned tomatoes (half a small 14 oz can)
– add a half cup DRY white wine (eg. Sauv Blanc)
– add a tablespoon of chopped capers
– add 2 tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley
– return loin chops to the pan, turning occasionally
– reduce sauce to about half volume or taste, and serve.

I use a ratio of about anchovies:capers:parsley of about 1:1:2 and don’t get too worried about actual amounts, between 15 and 30 mls. You can also use butter if you like. It takes about 30 minutes start to finish.

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