Travelling with Wine 2: The Huggies Edition

As you’d expect folks in the trade love wine, and are always buying interesting bottles they see in their travels. And the wine trade travels: if you work for a vineyard’s marketing branch you’re a serious road warrior with enough air miles to make Ryan Bingham jealous.

Rodrigo Rodero of Chadwick wines (and by the way the Max Errazuriz Cabernet Sauvignon is first rate) sent this photo of Edgar Carter, the Errazuriz winemaker and his latest purchase dressed for action.

Diapered and Ready for Action Capn!
Diapered and Ready for Action Cap'n!

And no, it isn’t a joke. Roderigo, having had two bottles break in transit, took to wrapping his bottles in disposable diapers. Reusable until the next accident, this may be the perfect solution!

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  1. (Clean) diapers also function well as beer bottle covers on a hot day at the kids splash park. They keep your drink cool AND hide your drink from the other parents.

  2. I had overlooked the insulating effect. And this is a crucial use, for parents of small children. I wonder if a beer wrapped in a diaper will fit in the cupholder of a car?

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