Travelling with Wine


If you haven’t come across WineSkins yet, you need to.

As we can no longer travel with wine in carry-on, the only hope is your baggage. I’ve never had a problem with this. I can’t count the number of times I’ve stuck bottles in the middle of my bag and checked it. Wine bottles are high quality and quite tough.

I travel with a small soft sided duffle. I put in about an inch of my clothes, a wine bottle, a couple of layers of clothes the next bottle etc. until it is full, with preferabbly about an inch of clothes between the bottle(s) and the outside wall.

My partner is significantly more anxious about full wine bottles mixed in amongst her clothes. Assuming you are too – and most people are – wineskins are the answer.

They’re a very tough, maybe 7ml, poly bag lined with bubble wrap and sealed with a double 3M glue seal at the end. Even if they break – an unlikely event, the bag should keep the wine inside. If you’re truly paranoid, you’ll stick in a couple of sheets of paper towel to sop up some of the fluid in the event of a break.

As I’ve said above I’ve never had a break in 30 years, although I have had the occasional leak around the cork, something a WineSkin can easily handle.

WineSkins are about $5 each retail, and will solve your travel problems.


  1. Here I was, worrying that you might be stuck in the aftermath of an earthquake…. I should have known you’d have already wrapped your wine in protective wrap!

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