Uber Aubergine!

Needed something different for dinner, and the above is the result. (Thanks Uberart!)

When I really can’t take too much challenge I end up drinking Italian. For me the entire section of Italian wines is comfort food. There are a few I’m not fond of – Primitivo just doesn’t do it for me in all ZPC incarnations – but I always seem to return to two regions: Piedmont and Veneto.

I would have a hard time choosing between Barolo or Amarone. Both are excellent, but neither are cheap. I often therefore revert to Barbaresco and Ripasso as my fallback wines. As you can see by the above photo, ripasso won last night.

And what a ripasso! I don’t know if Masi is getting better; perhaps 2006 was an exceptional vintage; or maybe it was just the right meal and the right wine. Campofiorin is always a great wine, easy to drink immediately, rich and complex. But the 2006 really knocked my socks off.

Black cherries and spice lead you into a glass brimming with crisp acidity, perfect balance, great tannins. This is a truly exceptional ripasso. I would also guess you could get another ten years in the cellar.

And if you want to replicate the Uber Art Aubergine, it’s about as easy a meal as you can make:
– slice aubergine (AKA Eggplant) into 1-2 cm (1/2-1 in.) thick slices. (I peel the backs of the two end slices)
– brush olive oil on both sides
– broil for 5 minutes a side
– after grilling 2nd side add tomato sauce and cheese of choice (I used grated parmesan)
– grill until cheese bubbles and browns
– Light candles. Serve with a ripasso. Chase your date around the coffee table. My guess is they won’t run too fast after the wine.

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