The Perfect Cocktail

Fabulous Fee Brothers
Starring the Fabulous Furry Fee Brothers

If you really want to make a cocktail (‘martini’ in the current parlance) that stands out, you’ve got to get away from gimmicky liquor (goldschlager anyone?) and alco-milkshakes. These appeal to the adolescent drinker with their undeveloped craving for sweets and fat. Hey when your bodyfat is under 15% this makes perfect sense.

Those of us, of more advanced years, and rather higher bodyfat ratios tend to like some flavour in our drinks. The real answer is bitters. These time honored infusions were used for two hundred years to turn rather boring drink combinations like the banshee into something remarkably different.

You won’t believe me until you try it on your own. Make a banshee and taste. Then add some Angostura and taste. OR if you prefer a daiquiri before and after adding orange or cherry bitters.

If you are at least willing to make the effort to try, I can recommend the Fee Brothers Bitters pictured above. They have an amazing range of products – even chocolate bitters – that make the difference between university pub fare and a real drink.

Every professional bartender should own the complete set and use them. And by the way Tequila with some fresh grapefruit juice and grapefruit bitters is wonderful…

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