New Zealand, Day 10

Okay, have drunk my way up and down the country, and here’s my 2 cents: – Marlborough sparkling wine is grossly under-appreciated. Traditionally produced, with chard/PN/PM grapes, this is a fine wine, worthy of any bubbly lovers attention. – Marlborough Pinot Noir is tremendously underestimated within the country (Kiwis favour Otago PN) and elsewhere. It’s… Continue reading New Zealand, Day 10

New Zealand Day 8, Marlborough Country

Okay, shot down to Wellington from Hawkes Bay, and after a couple of misadventures in the airport (note to self: when renting one-ways, always rent from a big car rental firm. The sign off is easier.) got on a Beech 1900D. What a hoot! Haven’t flown in one of these since commuting up and down… Continue reading New Zealand Day 8, Marlborough Country