Robitussin gets 92 from Wine Spectator!

So what exactly does a wine rating mean? Way back in the ’80s, Robert Parker took to ranking his beloved Bordeaux numerically. Consumers loved the idea and now it is everywhere. Parker is one man, and he focused on the 8000 or so (!!) vineyards of Bordeaux. In my casual reading of his reports I… Continue reading Robitussin gets 92 from Wine Spectator!

Chocolate and Red Wine

Here’s a chocolate maker, Brix, trying to tilt the chocolate towards wine. They succeed. It’s better than the sweeter commercial pairings to which I’ve been subjected. The suggested pairings here are: Milk Chocolate with Pinot Noir/Port [Ruby & Tawny I suspect]/Riesling/Icewine Medium Dark Chocolate (60%) with Merlot/Shiraz/Zinfandel/Rhone wine. (And this is the best pairing I’ve… Continue reading Chocolate and Red Wine

New Zealand, Day 10

Okay, have drunk my way up and down the country, and here’s my 2 cents: – Marlborough sparkling wine is grossly under-appreciated. Traditionally produced, with chard/PN/PM grapes, this is a fine wine, worthy of any bubbly lovers attention. – Marlborough Pinot Noir is tremendously underestimated within the country (Kiwis favour Otago PN) and elsewhere. It’s… Continue reading New Zealand, Day 10