Chocolate and Red Wine

Here’s a chocolate maker, Brix, trying to tilt the chocolate towards wine. They succeed. It’s better than the sweeter commercial pairings to which I’ve been subjected.

The suggested pairings here are:

Milk Chocolate with Pinot Noir/Port [Ruby & Tawny I suspect]/Riesling/Icewine

Medium Dark Chocolate (60%) with Merlot/Shiraz/Zinfandel/Rhone wine. (And this is the best pairing I’ve ever had with a merlot. I think they got this one right.)

Dark Chocolate (70%) with Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Barolo.
I like dark chocolate and vintage port. I’ve known people to enjoy Barolo with dark chocolate. I’ve never found Cab Sauv or Bordeaux a comfortable pairing.

Personally I’d eat both of the dark chocolates but particularly the 70%, with vintage port. On the other hand, very few people have a clue what I’m talking about once I get that dreamy look in my eyes and start blithering about vintage port.

I’m still not convinced about chocolate and dry red table wine – I think there are better foods for wine – but huge numbers of people adore it. If this is your thing, I recommend trying Brix, as it worked much better for me than previous attempts.

One last note. I literally NEVER eat milk chocolate. Way too sweet and cloying for my taste. I ate the Brix chocolate with enjoyment.

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  1. James:
    I’ve found Malbec to be a perfect match for dark chocolate. There is also a Pinotage called Cafe Culture that goers very well with deep, dark chocolate. A big bold red and dark chocolate are 2 of my favourite things, and I assure you: they go very well together.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.

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