Poor Man’s Foie Gras

When I left home, my mother gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook. She knew I didn’t take advice well, but she also knew that when there was nothing else to read I had memorized the contents of toothpaste. I was broke, but accustomed to her (very good) food. I had to learn to cook. And… Continue reading Poor Man’s Foie Gras

Evolution of a Recipe

One of the more interesting things about cooking is the way some small tweaks can fundamentally change a recipe. My object in telling you all this is to encourage people to cook more and play around. You needn’t be a slave to The Recipe! It’s green bean time in most of the northern bits of… Continue reading Evolution of a Recipe

Perfect Gravy

Okay, I have a 93 year old father who misses my mother and can’t make a gravy. So I figured I can make most sauces, I should be able to manage a gravy. Here’s a version I’m finally pleased with. Anyone can do it. The secret is you need more mushrooms than most of us… Continue reading Perfect Gravy