How Not to Cook

So I come home from the grocery store, through the rain, and start putting away the groceries. I keep a chicken breast out for myself for lunch. Feeling inspired I melt a couple of tablespoons of butter, add some slivered almonds and another spoonful of liverwurst. I am going to add pepper but the grinder… Continue reading How Not to Cook

Interior Design and Bubbly

So I spent most of yesterday afternoon putting together a new shelving unit, for the office. It goes well with the tres cool Hermann Miller desk. The unit is a Blu Dot Chicago 8 if you care. I quite recommend Blu Dot stuff based on this (our only Blu Dot) piece. Celebrated with a bottle… Continue reading Interior Design and Bubbly

The Idiocy of Green Wine

This is the official ‘hate me’ post: Why organic/biodynamic/green wine is beyond dumb. Understand I have a great deal of sympathy with organic wineries. In general I find organically produced wines are much less likely to provoke allergies, and are often unique and tasty. However I’m impervious to environmental guilt. The entire green movement is… Continue reading The Idiocy of Green Wine

The Perfect Cocktail

If you really want to make a cocktail (‘martini’ in the current parlance) that stands out, you’ve got to get away from gimmicky liquor (goldschlager anyone?) and alco-milkshakes. These appeal to the adolescent drinker with their undeveloped craving for sweets and fat. Hey when your bodyfat is under 15% this makes perfect sense. Those of… Continue reading The Perfect Cocktail

Flying Wines

I’ve been flying a fair bit this year. During this ‘The Best Recession Ever!’ the first thing that got hammered was the food and wine in biz class. Curiously, the cheap seats wine on Air Canada kept quite decent French reds and whites. Commuter lines have gone to cheap bulk like Barefoot (and for the… Continue reading Flying Wines

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